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The Larmag Group was established in 1985 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by its founder Lars-Erik Magnusson, a native Swede, and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. The Larmag Group is an international investment group focusing primarily on real estate investments.

The Larmag Group is the trademark of the corporate group in The Netherlands and is not a corporation or a fiscal unity, it is the name under which business and investments are performed through individual Larmag companies who have their own identity and investments.


Detailed history of Larmag since it started in 1985, giving insight and information where it all began.


Almere, Doemere Shopping Mall
Amersfoort, Spaceshuttle 22-60
Barneveld, Mercuriusweg 45
Breukelen, De Corridor 5
Den Bosch, Zuiderkruis 31 – 33
Den Bosch, Zuiderkruis 35 – 47
Doetinchem, Burgemeester Van Nispenstraat 16 – 18
Gouda, Kamperingweg 45
Moordrecht, Westbaan 20
Schiedam,Nieuwpoortweg 11
Veghel, De Amert 207

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